Steffen Dix (*1981) started playing saxophone at the age of 10 and first was trained in classcial music. His teenager years made him move further to jazz as he got struck by improvised and funky music. He also began to play piano and guitar intuitively and got into DJ-ing and beat producing.


From 2003 on Steffen Dix studied jazz at the „University of performing Arts and Music“ in Stuttgart and a semester abroad in Vienna where he also learned flute and clarinet, researched on world music and finally graduated summa cum laude in 2009.


While taking his first steps as a freelance musician and touring with several jazz and brass bands from 2010 on he started recording sounds and experimenting in live performances with musicians and visual artists of various backgrounds and genres for his ambient project „endless“ which resulted in his first conceptual electro-acoustic release in 2018.


He also started to work as a professional composer and sounddesigner for videoanimation, imagefilms and theater.


His consistent interest for improvisation and rhythmic concepts made him travel to India in 2014 where he became friends with his teachers – a family of musicians from Varanasi – and founded the group „NeckarGanga“ which played several tours in europe and recorded two albums so far.


In 2015 Steffen Dix joined the „La_Trottier Dance Collective“ as a composer and performing artist. So far he was involved in writing, producing and performing the music for numerous productions and continues working with the company.


Steffen Dix also performs hardware techno live sets which he approaches with a hybrid setup of digital sequenzing and sampling combined with the unpredictable rawness of an analog modular system.








2015 „Ego“ dance theater production „La_Trottier Dance Collective“


2015 „Un/feminine“ dance theater production by Michelle Cheung and Julie Pecard


2016 „Are you Extreme right?“ dance theater production „La_Trottier Dance Collective“


2017 „Knock Knock“ dance theater for children „La_Trottier Dance Collective“


2017 „Zeitgeist“ dance theater production „La_Trottier Dance Collective“


2018 „Supermann“ dance theater production „La_Trottier Dance Collective“








2014 „Creole award for global music in germany“ for cross-cultural group „Volxtanz“


2016 „Dieter Seelow Jazzprice“ for the work with „NeckarGanga“








2017 Album „Innaad“ NeckarGanga (DMG)


2018 Album „Live“ Volxtanz Brass Band (DMG)


2018 Album „endless – FLUZD“






2017 TTF Rudolstadt with „Volxtanz“ Brass Band


2019 Moers Festival with „NeckarGanga“