"endless" is an electro-acoustic music concept by beatmaker and saxophonist Steffen Dix using locked grooves, crackles and noises of vinyl records as source for ambient sounds combined with live musicians and visual artists.


endless "FLUZD"

animation by Michael Fragstein



endless live "walls of water":


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by Steffen Dix


"NeckarGanga" play a cross cultural mix of global beats,  jazz and indian classical music with musicians from germany and north india.

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by "NeckarGanga":

live set

In his Live Sets Steffen Dix performs driving techno with abstract soundscapes. Using analog synths he pays tribute to a free and improvisatory approach while keeping focused on tight and hard hitting beats as a producer and soundshaper.

Techno Live Set March 2019

Video Snippets:


The „Outta Space Crew“ is a funk band covering genres like Old School Funk, Breakbeat Classics, P-Funk, Electro Boogie, Soul and HipHop. Originally formed as a live act for breakdance battles the 5 musicians also produce their own tunes. In 2017 the EP „Hip Tramp“ with 3 originals and a remix by producer team „First Touch“ was released. „OSC“ also throw their own party by organising the regular jam „Funk Injection“ featuring breakdancers, MCs and Djs.

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by "Outta Space Crew":


As a permanent member of the "La_Trottier Dance Collective" Steffen Dix has composed and produced music for various contemporary dance pieces and also took place as a performing artist in several productions.

Video Trailers

"Un/feminine" (2015):



"Are you Extreme Right?" (2016):


"Zeitgeist" (2017)

in collaboration with Peter Hinz:


"Supermann" (2017)

in collaboration with Peter Hinz:

VT Brassband

Since more than 10 years „Volxtanz“ combine Brassband-Sounds from all over the world with energetic Balkanbeats. In the club or on the streets the 7 musicians squeeze the last drop out of their instruments and make the folks dance, dance, dance!

 4 LPs and one EP are distributed on www.volxtanz.com.

In 2018 the group released their long requested "Live" Album on "DMG"


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